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Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, George Clooney, and Matt Damon were a team of sexual
seducers. These men were determined to get any straight guy in Hollywood.
Just like Ace Young of the American Idol who always wanted to seduce the
married men (such as Chris Daughtrey, John Edwards, and others), these hot
guys were determined to seduce any of Hollywood's or indie music's straight
stars especially those who claimed to be straight and "clean."

The plan was in place to get seveal guys already on the "hit list." Tom
Cruise had a really wild idea of seducing Kirk Cameron. He has seen on him
television doing some religious programs and Tom saw that as a real sexual
turn-on. Tom would tell the guys, "Can't wait to put Kirk's little man
inside of my mouth while you all take pictures of his restraining face" and
then he would laugh. That's Tom. He likes to video-tape these guys and use
these clips for his own collection. Tom was really the leader of the pack,
but each seduction required a different guy who would be more appealing to
the straight married man.

So the plans to seduce and tie up Sufjan Stevens was finalized.

George Clooney for some reason was never good at the lead, although he had
the hots for guys all the time. The last time was with Chris ODonnell in
Batman. It was onlyone time, but it was enough to almost ruin the life of
Chris and his marriage to his school teacher wife.

It was in one of the celebratiion parties held at a special private home in
Hollywood after the obvious success of the movie, Batman, that George
finally got to seduce the masculine Chris.

Everybody had left the party, except for Chris and George Clooney. That
day, George was on Oprah and told everybody on television that the crotch
cup that Chris used as Robin had to be specially made because it was "not
big enough." And when the audience laughed, George gave a sly and sensual
wink. George brought that statement back up to Chris as both guys were
winding down and saying good bye to each other.

"What do you think about my comment on Oprah today, Chris?" George spoke
with a glee on his face.

"You are too much, George," Chris retorted.

"Well, it is true, that much I know," George responded with some degree of

"Well, that's for my wife to enjoy anyway and only her," Chris said.

"Well, she can be the only woman to enjoy that, but she does not have to be
the only one. You know what I mean?" George reiteratede.

"Funny, George, Funny . . ." Chris continued.

Then as they were leaving, Chris turned around to thank George for having
fun while doing the movie together. George grabbed him and hugged him and
pressed his hardness right into the frontal part of Chris's young and
muscular body. George said, "You do this to me" and then pressed against
his body again. Chris, obviously taken aback by this frontal assault said,
"Hey, George, don't do that. I have not had sex with my wife in one week
now and I just do not want to think about sex tonight and she's not giving
it to me for some odd reason."

George then held him tight and began to close the front door of his home and
drag Chris back into the living room. Chris was confused as to what George
was doing, but initially he just let it happen.

What are you doing, George? Chris asked.

I am doing what must be done, George responded.

George then shoved Chris onto his living room sofa and began to unbutton the
tight jeans of Chris. Chris began to realize what was happening and said,
George, you need to stop, please, just stop.
I know you are joking, but I think this is gone too far already. Please,
just stop.

But, George continued as if he were in another world and pulled the zipper
down and reached in to find no underwear and a hardening cock on the young
handsome actor.

Hmmmm, George said sensually. . . This is my prize and this is for me.

Chris suddered when George's strong and masculine hand found Chris large
member. Chris was nine-inch when his cock was hard and it was getting hard
no matter whether Chris was resisting or not.

George brought it out and immediately began tosuck the tip of Chris' cock.
Chris tried to move again, but George had a commanding voice and Chris was
really so stunned that he just began to lay still and let the expert tongue
and then the mouth of the handsome actor swallow the hard and thick dick of
Chris O Donnell.

Chris began to moan involunatarily. ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh,
mmmmmmmmmmmmm, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. . . his body began to tense up as he got
harder. Instead of trying to flee the situation, Chris began to move side
to side as he knew he was going to give in to this evening of being sexual
with a guy for the first time. And in minutes, Chris began to shoot globs
of cum into the sucking mouth of an expert cocksucker.. . . George
whispered. . . Come on, baby, just let it rip. Just let it rip. Come on,
Chris baby, give me your love and let me swallow your cum. You are my
fantasy and this is our secret. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Immediately after Chris came to his senses, he jerked up and began to zipper
up his jeans. "I'd better be going. This is not right. You did this to me,
fuck!" Chris yelled in panic. "Fuck you, George, you did this to me."

George smiled with a wicked grin. . . "Watch what you say, pretty boy, I
have you video-taped right now, bitch. So watch what you say."

Chris fled the scene and his whole body was shaking as he drove home to
sleep with his wife.

That night changed Chris O Donnell's life. He and his wife moved out of Los
Angeles to somewhere not known and what has been rumored is that he is now
having huge marital problems with his relationship. Chris knew what a man
can do to a man that no woman could possibly do and Chris was just overcome
with it.

It is also rumored that George has made contact with Chris and uses the
video as blackmail. Chris does fly into Los Angeles to meet with George
from time to time. George calls Chris "his bitch" and will use him sexually
all the time. George has never fucked Chris, but Chris is made to suck
George several times in an hour and for several hours. He meets with George
once a month for a suck fest. George loves the idea that a married man is
his bitch and he can use him at his instant command.

The other guys on the team were hot and they knew what to do to get what
they wanted.

Matt Damon's fall out with Ben Afleck hurts him until today, but Matt wants
sex more than he wants Ben. Although it is reported that Matt was devastated
at the way Ben had been seen with Jennifer Lopez and then now his wife.

Matt likes Jesse McCautney. They are regulars, but Jesse is not married so
married men is not Matt's big thing. Although it was Matt who broke up Ryan
Philippe's marriage to his wife. Matt was able to seduce Ryan and had a
three way with Jesse. Ryan was a male virgin that night, but after that
experience, he became hooked on mano-o-mano sex and would stay with Matt and
Jesse for days in different private hotels in the Los Angeles area. Ryan
loved to put his man cock into the ass of Jesse McCautney who always acted
like he never wanted it and then to feel Matt's hard cock inside of his ass.
Ryan likes to be sandwiched by two hot studs.

Brad Pitt is the secret weapon. Brad was first introduced to male sex by
Tom Cruise when he acted with Tom on the Vampire movie. Brad was very
discreet. He was afraid that his parents would find out and he was very
concerned about them. So Brad kept a low profile, but Brad had been around.

John Edwards noticed him and Ace was able to get Brad and John Edwards to
meet. That almost turned out a disaster, but Brad will never forget it.
Brad has this thing for older men and John was ahot stud for an older guy.
But, Brad was so intimidated by John and John was so intimitated by Brad
that that night could have been a disaster. Ace of course stepped in and
ran the show for these two blonde haried studs. In the end, Brad loved
being fucked by John Edwards, the politiician. He would wimper. . . 'Yes,
Daddy, plllleeeaaasssseee shooot your cum in meeeee." John did not want to
be viewed as a father, but it was hot for Brad. The word is that both guys
still meet, but only with Ace there. Ace is another story for another

The plan for the seduction of Sufjan Stevens was set.

Brad Pitt was going to seduce him.

Brad made the fateful call to Sufjan's home and said, "Hey, buddy, let's meet
when you come to L.A., okay?" Of course, Sufjan agreed even if he did not
really know Brad that well. Sufjan was as straight as they come.

Sufjan Steven's met with Brad Pitt at the designated hotel, really a place where both
guys could be in disguise.

Brad greeted Sufjan at the door of the hotel room and let him in.

Brad then introduced Sufjan Stevens to Tom Cruise, Matt Damon, George Clooney, and
Colin Farrell who were also there. Sufjan seemed a little nervous, but Brad
was more aggressive then ever and hugged him really tight. Brad let his
hand slide down to the lower back of Sufjan Stevens and Sufjan jumped a little
thinking that Brad made a mistake about that move. But, Sufjan noticed it.
Each of the guys approached Sufjan Stevens and hugged him too. Their hugs were
normal manly hugs, but Brad held him a little too tight.

The sexual tension was now turned on and Sufjan was in for an evening of
seduction. Sufjan offered these guys something to drink and as the hour
passed, Brad and Tom just took their shirts off. Tom then pinched Brad's
nipples in play and Sufjan saw it. Brad chuckled like a girl and said
jokingly, "Please, Tom, you are making me wet." Tom then pinched the other
nipple and back and forth and both guys fell down on the floor wrestling
with each other. Matt Damon, George Clooney, and Colin Farrell began to
chant sexual comments as both guys were rolling over each other.

Matt said, "Come on, Tom, you know what you want. Stick it in a man, a real
man." Matt continued to chant sexual comments. George Clooney smiled and
shouted, "Come on, Brad,we know what you want. You must be hard as a rock
rubbing against Tom's drug-free body. Bet he can feel your hand-on. . . "
Colin Farrell was different. He looked over to Sufjan Stevens and said, "Hey,
Sufjan, do you think it is wrong for a guy to find a guy hot? Brad and Tom are
out of control right now, but they find each other very hot. They will do
more than this if we let them. Do you want to see more?" Sufjan just looked
astonished and did not answer.

The two shirtless guys continued for a while and then finally Tom lays on
top of Brad and start humping away as if he were having sex with Brad. Brad
started to moan while Tom continued to press into Brad's hot body. Finally,
Tom acts like he was really to climax and begin to wail . . .
AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and then dropped his head on the shoulder of
Brad who appeared to be wore out.

Then both guys jumped and started to laugh profusely. Brad looked at Sufjan
and said, "Sorry, Sufjan, this was an unexpected moment for us. Tom needs to
do this to me all the time as it is part of his fantasy. You know how us
straight men are."

Sufjan sat by himself as the others sat on the adjacent sofas. "Well, guys,
how can I help you?" As he was speaking, the guys all laughed loudly and
Sufjan was taken aback because of it. "What's funny, guys," Sufjan chirped.
"Well," Brad spoke, "We want to give welcome you to our club and hope you
will enjoy the initiation." "Well, ummmm, I am not sure if I want to join
any club. . . " Sufjan interrupted.

Right then, the guys stand up and walk around the sofa that Sufjan was sitting
in. Sufjan attempts to stand up, but Colin pushes him back. "Just relax,
guy," Colin states. "You will be like me at first, but now, it's what I am
and it's what I want."

When Sufjan fell back, four guys grabbed each arm and leg and held it down.
Brad fell to his knees and said, "Well, what size are your feet?" Let me
see your feet. And while looking at Sufjan's feet, Brad began to unzip his
tight jeans. Sufjan started to resist and tell the guys to stop that. Sufjan
looked angry and fully embrassed, but he was smart enough to know he was
outnumbered. Brad finally pulled the zipper down and saw no underwear under
that shapely jeans. "Well, well, Sufjan the loverboy, no underwear, huh?
Ready for a quickie, baby?" The guys began to chant. . . "Brad do Sufjan, Brad
do Sufjan,. . . . " And Brad touched the cock of Sufjan Stevens, something that no
man has ever done since his adult life. "Please, guys, the game is over.
Stop and let's just forget this ever happened." But before he could finish
his thought, Brad placed his mouth over the folk musician's manly prize and
began to tenderly suck on it until Sufjan's manhood grew massively large and
hard as a rock. Sufjan tried again to stand up. Sufjan was ready to cuss and
call for help when Tom stuffed a napkin on the nearby table into his mouth.
Brad then went to milking Sufjan's dick.

Tom joined Brad and also began to milk his dick with Brad's expert hands.
Colin had some oil in his pocket and poured it over the indie star's
humiliation. Both guys began to milk the cock rapdily at times and slowly
at others. Sufjan was told to relax and enjoy the moment.

The expert handjob he was getting made feel the lust in his own loins. It
was a few days with sex with his wife, so he had full balls that needed
release. Brad said, "Sufjan, just consider this a medical procedure. We are
here to let your cum out of its bondage. You need to dump your cum daily
and if Joanna Newsome isn't around and our wives aren't around, we are the guys who
help one another out, right guys? YEAH, RIGHT, they all said.

Sufjan just laid back and began to tear up. He never ever wanted a guy to do
this to him, but he had to admit that these guys were very hot and knew how
to milk him. He was feeling the lust in himself and his hardness could not
be denied.

Sufjan closed his eyes while the entire room became deathly silent. Everybody
just watched. Brad began to milk him again and again. Tom would take over
for a while and milk him too. Everybody else watched.

Then after a few minutes, Sufjan rose his hips up in the air and began to
BABY, I HAVE TO CUM. . . . UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. . . and then Sufjan Stevens began
to shoot his cum all over his own legs and carpet. Sufjan was overcome with
guilt and as he came down from the high, he immediately asked the guys to
leave. "Please, guys, this was very unorthodox. Please leave. I need time
toi think about this." Colin Farrell smiled at Sufjan and said, "That's what I
said when they got me, but I came back. You will be back."

The guys left all too casually and Sufjan went to lay on the bed and think
about just what had happened.

That night, Sufjan had to prepare to meet with WWE wrestler and rock star,
Chris Jericho. Since Chris stopped fighting full time and began singing in
his own rock version, Chris's body lost its bulk and his dreamy eyes also
captured Sufjan's attention whenever they would recently talk. Chris was
coming to meet Sufjan Stevens and have dinner in the hotel room. Sufjan had to
immediately take a shower and prepare for the wrestler-turned-singer to

In hours, Chris Jericho knocked on the door, having been through clearance.
Sufjan let him in. Chris had really changed. No longer full of muscles, Chris
was a very handsome guy with a fit body and Sufjan now looked more carefully at
Chris since that afternoon's seduction. "Was I raped?" SUfjan asked himself.
"It's can't be, I wanted it in the end and resisting them was for the wrong
reason. . . I felt guilty, but I was turned on watching Tom and Brad
wrestle on the floor and then pretend to be having sex with each other."
Sufjan thought these things to himself.

Chris was upset about the death of his wrestling friend, Chris Benoit. . .
Mr. Jericho started to immediately talk about it. "I am so sad, Sufjan, for
losing my best friend." And then he stopped and started to cry. Sufjan
immediately began to comfort him and held him, something masculine guys just
do not do, not like it was turning out.

Sufjan held him and said, "Don't worry, I am here, I will be your best friend."
Chris Jericho was a young and handsome guy and somehow the aura of sex was
still on Sufjan Stevens who immediately felt this sting of attraction to this
excellent specifiman of male beauty.

Chris Jericho responded, "You do not understand. . . He and I were close,
too close, we knew we wanted to be together for the rest of our lives. . ."
Sufjan cleared his throat and decided not to respond to that detail. "I really
love him, Sufjan, really love him."

Chris fell to the floor and wept aloud.

Sufjan went down with him and held him again.

Then without notice, Chris looked right into the sensual eyes of Sufjan Stevens and said, "I need to feel close to a guy right now. Please, can we. . .
ummm, can we?" Sufjan was shocked and just smiled back trying to block out the
implication of the question.

Then Chris reached up and kissed Sufjan Steven's sensual lips. Chris' passion
was so intense that Chris just rolled on top of Sufjan and Sufjan could feel this
wrestler's hard boy as if he were in a slow-motion wrestling match.

"Wait, Chris, l;et's talk. I want to be your friend, but I am not into
guys. . . wait. . ."

Chris pushed Sufjan down and his whole face changed. "This is for my best
friend." Sufjan Stevens was again confused, not sure why this day dealt these two
sexual experiences. Chris Jericho began to kiss the neck of Sufjan Stevens and
then he began to rip the shirt of the indie musician. Chris had a
combination of lust and anger and in minutes, he was massaging the dick of
his own hero. Sufjan tried to talk sense in the guy, but his own manliness was
being stirred up. He was getting hard very quickly and Chris was an expert
at milking his hard-on. "Chris, you have to stop. You will regret this.
You are drunk or something. You are a straight guy and we can grieve
together. . . Chrissssss. . .

Chris was a wrestler so he was stronger than Sufjan and his hands were strongly
holding Sufjan down when he suddenly took the large member into his hungry
mouth. "Please, Sufjan, let me do this for me. I want it." Sufjan felt totally
lost for words, but by now the sensations were crawling all over his own
body and he just laid back and stayed quiet. Sufjan was so confused now, but
he knew he needed a sexual release so he let Chris suck on him for what
seemed like just a few minutes.

Sufjan shot his load right into the hungry mouth of the strong wrestler. As
was his other experience with Brad and the gang that very day, Sufjan tried to
stand up immediately. He seemed always ridden with guilt when things happen
to him.

But, Chris was not through.

"Wait," Chris said, "I need to cum. I need to cum in you."

Sufjan got nervous and somewhat angry. "I am not your wife, Chris. You use
her, not me. I am a man like you so stop already, please. This is getting
way out of hand."

Chris was in another world and he turned Sufjan over forcefully and held him
down. Sufjan started to beg Chris to think straight and not to regret this.
Chris was a handsome guy and he really admired Sufjan over the years, this was
more a fantasy of his then a matter of grieving over the lost of a friend.
Chris immeidately took out his own cock and pushed it into the virgin ass of
a now fearful musician. Sufjn kept saying, "Man, please do not do
that................ stop, man, that really hurts. Stop.
.................." But, Chris was gentle enough at his confused level and
kept pushing himself into Sufjan Stevens. When finally in, Chris began to move in
and out of Sufjan's crack slowly and then with a steady rhythm.

Sufjan just kept quiet as he usually do. Chris was really feeling the

"I love you, Sufjan, I have always loved you. I am gay, I cannot help it. I
know I am married, but I am not happy with my marriage. I knew we were
going to meet today and I wanted you so bad. Chris Benoit was my best
friend and we were so unbelievably close, but I want you, Sufjan, I need you.
I want to love you and you to love me. We can keep this a secret . . . . .
. then Chris started to grunt and moan and suddenly Sufjan could feel Chris'
lovejuice shooting inside of his virgin pussy.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, aaahhhh

"Yes, baby, take all of me inside of you. You are mine now, baby, mine!"

And then it was over.

Sufjan was more than guilt-ridden. Sufjan was confused because in the penetration
of his ass by a hot guy like Chris Jericho, Sufjan also realized that his own
dick was getting hard again. Sufjan said to Chris, "Please let me up. I need
to go. I want you to leave, please. I am so confused right now. What the
fuck do you think I am. You cannot come in here and seduce me like this.
Now, please, get out, Chris."

Chris looked at Sufjan with a sadness in his eyes. "Please Sufjan, you know you
had the hots for me. I heard it in your voice. I told you I would love to
see you in full and I meant naked and you said, Yes, that would be a fantasy
come through. Now, fuck, you are now trying to tell me you did not want us
to get together? You need to stop pretending. Look at your dick, it's
hardening again."

Sufjan just put his head down now. He knew the truth was told. Sufjan never
wanted to admit his attaction to guys, but he began to remember some of the
secrets he had hidden from his wild teenage years when older guys would
voluntarily give him a handjob. Sufjan blocked it out of his mind and now
everything was flooding him.

Sufjan began to have tears in his eyes. What a manly sight! He held Chris who
also had a strong emotional link to the indie musician. Chris whispered,
"Please, I want you all the time. Let me join your group and we will stay
together in the hotel rooms and no one would know. I will take care of you
and not interfere with your involvement with Tri-Danielson famile. We can do it.
Let is be our secret."

Sufjan and Chris Jericho made masculine but tender love for the next four
hours. Sufjan really liked being jacked off for some reason, but Chris needed
and wanted his tight ass.

to be continued. . .



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